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Try and keep this civil.

Since it won't let me vote, I'll tell you.  He finishes out his term.

He's really done nothing wrong.  Could use some polish, but says what he thinks.

The Economy is stronger, My taxes are lower.  Get rid of that bonehead Pilosi, the Socialist.  Which seems to be the Democrat's way.

Try again DPU70. Not sure why the poll feature was not working.

K, it worked.  I voted.

Now, if he can only get rid of Obamacare, My insurance cost will go back down.  It rose 36% because of Obamacare, per Blue Cross.

And, did you ever look at your pharmacy costs.  I have a scrip that costs $454, but with a drug plan, it's only a copay of $7.  And, my Drug plan cost me $17 per month.  That MSRP is totally bogus.  Those poor people who don't have pharmacy coverage are taking it in the teeth.  Another Obama creation.


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