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Author Topic: Season Player Grades  (Read 2970 times)

Offline mrap24

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Season Player Grades
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:32:40 PM »
love to hear everyones player grades.  the way i am grading them is a C grade is "what a expected"

Max Strus:  D-.  was labeled as a great all around players.  turned out to be a chucker and terrible 3 point shooter who froced 3 after 3.  Only thing that kept him from an f was he rebouned and asssited well 

Eli Cain:  F.  way to inconsistent.  had some good games, but has too many stinkers

Maric: A+.  teams best player by far.  way better than expected

Tre MCallum: D.  expected better from him.  thought he had a good skillset, but feel he wasnt used the right way

Brandon Cyrus:  B+.  had a really good year.  asked to do more than he probably should but thats not on him

Paul Reed:  B+.  showed some promise

Jaylen Butz:  C to inc.  missed a lot, showed great rebounding.  fouled a ton and has no offense

Justin Roberts:  C.  didnt get the opportunity he should have

Austin Grandstaff:  F  total bust

Coaching Staff:  F

Offline lovethedrake

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Re: Season Player Grades
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 02:08:52 PM »
Max Strus:  C   He is the exact player I expected.  I'm disappointed that he doesn't have other ways to get his offense going outside of the 3 ball.   Would help if he could get to the FT line or develop a midrange game.   

Eli Cain:  D  The team goes as Eli goes and unfortunately he went nowhere for most of the season.   When he's good, hes very good but he really struggled with his scoring this year.  His on the ball defense seems to have improved but he rarely gets into the passing lanes.  For someone with his length thats an area I would like to see improved.

Maric: B   I expected a lot out of Maric and for the most part he was very good.  Our most valuable player and added a dynamic to the team we have not had in several years.   A little inconsistent but overall solid.

Tre MCallum: D  Tre greatly improved his jump shot yet somehow did not improve as a player.   He did not take the leap you would hope that many jucos take from Junior to Senior year.  He made an insane amount of boneheaded decisions and he disappeared far too often.   

Brandon Cyrus:  B -  He knows his role and he plays it reasonably well.   His increased input on offense of late has me excited for his 4 year potential.  He was excellent against Xavier and his defense is solid.

Paul Reed:  B-  At times the kid looks legit and at times he looked like a freshman.  Needs to work on his defense and be smarter with the ball.  Has nice potential.

Jaylen Butz:  C-  The illness stunted his growth but he has many desirable tools on defense and on the glass.  If he can develop some offense it would be great.

Justin Roberts:  C  Although he often looked a bit disjointed.... most of the best runs or stretches of the season came with Justin Roberts on the court.   He oozes with talent and just needs to continue to learn the college game.   A major Freshman to Sophomore leap from Roberts would not surprise me at all.

Austin Grandstaff:  F  Shockingly underachieving player based on high school rankings.   

Coaching Staff:  D  The defense is not horrendous anymore and we are competitive in many games.  However, head scratching decisions, a terrible use of timeouts, and a lack of creativity gives the staff a D.   How we kept the same starting lineup all year despite constantly losing is impressively stubborn.

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Re: Season Player Grades
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2018, 03:14:30 PM »
Are you grading based on your personal pre-season expectations of the players?  Or are you trying to compare all the DePaul players vs each other?

Offline hbomb

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Re: Season Player Grades
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2018, 03:26:55 PM »
Max Strus: B+.  Some of the hype was warranted.  The kid has a lot of tools and I blame his struggles on the awful offensive sets.  He showed flashes as a play-maker when he and Maric ran the pick and roll.  Pro-level motor.  The losing got to him and started wearing him down mentally.

Eli Cain:  D+.  It's more difficult to determine how much Dave's coaching affected production with Eli, but man he couldn't make a layup all year. When he was bad, he was freaking awful and cost us way more games than he won for us.

Maric: A-.  Most efficient player on the team and it wasn't close.  Grossly misused by Dave, Mr. 3 Man Weave, Leitao.  DePaul finally gets a skilled big man and Dave happens to be the coach...a crying shame.

Tre MCallum: D-. Weak with the ball, can't finish, can't make a layup. Disappeared a lot, but also misused by Leitao. 

Brandon Cyrus:  C.  As expected.  His defense is generally way overrated and many games it looked like he didn't know how to play basketball, but he showed some flashes.

Paul Reed:  B+.  Good finisher on a variety of moves within 12.  Impressive skill set for a freshman.  Let's get him in the weight room and eating some deep dish this summer.  I want to see 30+ minutes out of him next year.  He should easily replace Tre's production.

Jaylen Butz:  C.  He rebounded, but is lost on offense.  About what I expected.

Justin Roberts:  B.  Made freshman PG mistakes but he can break down a D and shot better than I thought he would.  He was the best player on the court at times.

Austin Grandstaff:  F-.  I think I, being 38 and in pretty bad shape, could have matched his production this year in the same amount of minutes.

Coaching Staff:  F-.  The pack line D is a gimmick.  It looks good on Kenpom but just watch a game.  The defense sucks, the offense is mind numbingly unoriginal and pathetic and the in game coaching is the worst I've ever seen.  Just watch the Providence game when the coaches were mic'ed up if you need evidence of that.

Offline mrap24

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Re: Season Player Grades
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2018, 09:25:10 PM »
Are you grading based on your personal pre-season expectations of the players?  Or are you trying to compare all the DePaul players vs each other?

Based on my expectations. C is "what I expected"

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Re: Season Player Grades
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2018, 10:49:27 AM »
Strus: B. I know the staff was hyping him up, but I wasn't buying him. I thought he'd be trash. Without him, DePaul wins like 6 games all year.

Maric: A. I figured he'd be a stiff like that guy we got from Purdue a few years ago.

Cain: C-. I expected very little and he was still worse. So disappointing.

McCallum: C. Exactly what I expected.

Cyrus: B-.

Reed: B+.

Butz: D. Part of this is on his usage, but his hands appear to be made of stone.

Roberts: B. Let the kid play. They should have handed him the keys the minute Gage went out.

Grandstaff: F------. What a waste of space. Kid hasn't had time to lift a weight in 3 years? And can't shoot on top of it?

Coaching Staff: F---------. This team should have been .500 at least. Chris Mullin rolls the ball rack out and is still a better coach than DL.


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