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Sporting Experiences you recommend a sports fan does in their lifetime?


I was having a discussion with some of my co-workers about sporting events that you want to do in your lifetime and what you would tell other sports fans to do. So do people have recommendations?

For me, I absolutely recommend two events; the Indy 500 and an English Premier League game.

I have been lucky to go to the Indy 500 twice, as my uncle had tickets in the infield, just behind the pits and about a section past the start/finish line. I realize auto racing is not for everyone, but it is amazing to see how fast these cars go. Additionally, it is just a bunch of fun throughout the day.

I admit, I am a soccer / football watcher, specifically English soccer and the various European cups. 4 years ago, when my wife and I decided to go to London for vacation, I made sure I got tickets to my team (Chelsea). Taking the tube (subway) to the game and walking in with the fans was something different. However, the way which England fans are and the environment is so much different from America. There are no beer vendors walking up and down the aisle, nor food vendors. You sit in your seat and watch and learn / sing the chants. At halftime... you down as many beers as you can and as quickly as you can.

What is on my bucket list? Kentucky Derby and the Monaco F1 race.

The Ryder Cup....on European soil. It will be awhile before i make it though.


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