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Author Topic: Ciepierball's Thoughts - After First Three Games  (Read 2511 times)

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Ciepierball's Thoughts - After First Three Games
« on: November 20, 2016, 08:57:01 PM »
Just wanted to throw all my thoughts out there.  Some good thought, some not-so-good....but wanted to get it out there and get some dialogue going!

What We Saw From Cain Last Year Is Real...And Is Getting Better - At the beginning of this year alot of people were talking about how Cain probably would dip because that shooting can't keep up.  In the open practice Cain was hitting 3's that were NBA range.  We said it was because it wasn't a real game.  We get to the season, and in three games he already has 10 threes, and shooting 67% from the arc, and 60% overall.  Anyone that looks at him can see that Cain transformed his body over the summer, and obviously he transformed his game as well.  In 31 minutes a game, he's averaging 21.7 points, and not even forcing any shots, rather letting the game come to him.  I do want to see three things change though.  First, at 6'7", he needs to be a better rebounder.  He's averaging 2.3 a game, which just isn't going to cut it.  Second, would love to see those steals numbers and his defense get to a more elite level.  It's been good thus far, but turn it up the notch, and be one of the best two-way players in the Big East.  And lastly, and this is more on the coaches, I want him to turn into the #1 option on this team.  In 11 less minutes, Garrett has the same amount of shots as him.  This just can't happen.

McCallum Has Turned Out To Be A Huge Pick-Up - Tre isn't putting up sick numbers on either end of the floor, but he can just play the game.  He makes some great passes on the floor, doesn't force anything out there, plays strong and rebounds well for his size, and what I noticed is that he's always engaged in timeouts and on the floor, and never complains when coming out.  He doesn't put the same numbers as Henry did for us, but his intangibles thus far has been great for this team.  I really like what he's been doing, and I really can't wait for Cook to be back so I can see him more at the PF rather than the C.

Biggest Improvement - Darrick Wood - If people are looking for where the staff has done a good job at improving a player, look no further than this kid.  I know the staff worked with him a ton on not forcing the situation, on working on shot selection, as well as useless vs. useful dribbling.  Another thing the staff has done is limited his minutes to keep him more effective due to his knees.  I've been so surprised to see what he's done thus far, and he seems to be a guy that you can always count on to create a spark.  He's one guy that is more useful coming off the bench versus starting, because he has that energy that drives teams nuts.  Sucks he's done after this year...he's like that Kerry Hartfield type player....killer off the bench!

Billy Can't Be Our Focal Point Anymore - I would love to see the pluses and minues of our squad, because I would right away look at Garrett's number.  The team seems to do so well when he's not on the court, and that's pathetic when this is the "face of the program" for some reason.  The one part of me is proud for what this kid does dealing with his illness while playing at a high level.  I would think anyone on this board would say that, and would tell him that to his face.  However, you need to produce too.  He's always the guy that "well, next year he should take it to a new level".....and he never does.  Right now he's averaging 11.7 points, 4.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists, with a horrible shooting percentage (25.7%...but only 3 games in).  But is this an out of character?  His best year for points, he was 12.6.  Best for assists, 3.9.  Best shooting percentage ever....39.7%.  Best year behind the arc...32.7%.  None of this screams elite to me, leader to me, or focal point to me.  His record as a starting guard at DePaul is 35-and-64.  He's only won 12 conference games his entire career.  I think we need a change.  Doesn't it mean strip him of everything and move forward.  No.  But it means giving more shots to Cain.  It means playing Garrett more off the ball.  I want to end with watching the things that Garrett does on the floor that doesn't show up on the stats.  He doesn't box out.  He blames others alot.  Shows some attitude.  This is a senior.  This is a coach's son.  Not good.

Our Post Play, Or Lack There Of - First, before the seasons started, we knew that we were going to be a smaller team this year.  Two scholarships were used to pick up guards that had to sit out the year...instead of bigs.  If the coaches did it all over again, they would do it.  It was a risk worth taking to improve the talent on this roster.  Then you ask yourself, who was supposed to return, and who did you get instead.

First, McCallum vs. Hamilton.  Tommie's stats are better, however I don't think there is anyone on this board that would say that they like Tommie over Tre.  Tre so far has done the dirty stuff and playing out of position without complaining.  We have him for another year too...I think he can be a good one (not great, but good/productive).

Second, Phillips vs. Eichelberger.  Phillips never showed us anything last year, mostly because the staff wouldn't play him.  I think people are mixed about what they think about Al.  I personally like him, and not because of what he's doing now.  I said last year, he's a guy that needs a year or two to get stronger and adjust to the speed.  His feel for the game, as well as his hands, are things you can't teach.  I think some people see this, but it's hard to be patient when we need production now.

Lastly, Barry vs. Cook.  This is obviously incomplete, but Cook looked good in the practice and exhibition, and is a kid that will get minutes when he's out there....something that Barry didn't do.

I think that it was a slight upgrade, however not big enough.  I'll get into this more when I discuss recruiting.

Post Entry - Where Is It - Yes we have limited posts, but where is our post entry when our guards are posting up, as well as high-post entry against the zone?  I've seen so many times this year where Cain is posting up and getting frustrated because no one even looks as his mismatch down low.  Also, Al today had several great post ups and never even got a look.  For you to be successful, you need to look down there, and show that there is a treat of the ball going down there.  What bothered me the most was today against the zone....one of the best ways to combat a zone, outside of hitting 3's, is hitting the high post to collapse the defense.  We had Cain in the high post many times....the damage he could do there is HUGE, and we didn't exploit it.  Actually, him, Billy, or Tre up there is dangerous....we need to do more of that.  You can be small but still utilize the post.

Let's Look For An Unhappy Post And Sacrifice A Lamb - We need post help, and we obviously have alot of minutes to give someone who isn't getting it elsewhere.  And they can help us if the transfer happens during the break.  But how can that happen when we are tapped out of scholarships?  Sacrifice a lamb.  Right now it has to be Gazi.  He obviously isn't in their plans because he plays as much as a walk-on, and some have said he always wanted to stay out in Turkey.  Well, move him out and let him return to Turkey.  This gives us space to add someone.  One guy that I see that isn't being used alot is Steve Enoch.  Why is this a great kid to pursue?  First, he's at UConn and obviously Leitao and Sellers know the coaches well.  They can tell him that there is a better spot for the kid.  This is done all the time.  And second, he's a 6'11" big that plays well with his back to the basket.  He can come in and be of assistance immediately.  Worth a look!  But someone like him is what DePaul should look at, adding to the frontline immediately because you can have him on campus now versus the summer.

Next Year Looks Great From The Perimeter - Seeing Cain just kill it from the outside, I have to admit I'm smiling, knowing that he's going to be playing along Grandstaff and Strus, two guys that will definitely be hitting from the outside too.  This is the reason I want Cain to get some time on the ball, playing the point.  He did it some last year, and did it a ton in high school and in AAU.  Let's put him on the ball, and see if he can be a bigger version of Sammy Mejia!

Recruiting Needs To Get Better - I've seen these coaches on the other end, when I was an AAU coach.  I know how they communicate, and I know how they work.  Obviously something needs to be tweaked in what they are saying, along with trying to sell Chicago with the violence that is happening (although not in Lincoln Park).  We need to capitalize on a big that can help from Day 1, and need to use whatever power they have to do it.  We tried Evan Battey, Terrell Brown, Justyn Hamilton, Hahktar Gueye, Jamal Cain, Levi Stockard......all guys that would help next year.  We need to keep trying, even if it's Juco or 5th years....just someone that will produce for us next year.

We also need another point guard, and I think it should be a juco or 5th year....someone to help Justin Roberts.  I think Roberts is going to be a player that all makes is smile when he gets out there, but outside of him, there is no true point next year.  This needs to be addressed.

"In life if you don't perform at things you're expected to perform at, you are fired." - Jerry Wainwright after Alabama State game.

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Re: Ciepierball's Thoughts - After First Three Games
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 07:54:18 AM »
I really would not be surprised if Cain transferred out after this year. He plays a position that DePaul is perhaps best at, with Grandstaff and Strus. If he shows he can continue to be a very good player, he could do a Wesley Johnson, transfer out, go to a better program and maybe develop into a pro.

What cannot be understated though, three games in, is how bad the defense / defensive rebounding is. I would not say that Robert Morris, Rutgers, nor UW - Milwaukee are offensively gifted nor monsters on the glass. However, the defensive efficiency numbers are not looking too good and much of that is second chance opportunities.

Lastly, next to learning how to box out and limit opponent's offensive rebounds, this team has to learn to limit turnovers. 8 steals for UMW yesterday and Robert Morris had 10. The lazy passes or drives while leaving the ball away from the body needs to stop.

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Re: Ciepierball's Thoughts - After First Three Games
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2016, 11:42:51 AM »
Ciep thanks for the post good info


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