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Jay Cutler


Haha... I know of two people on this site who told me 5 years ago that he was a top 5 QB.

The dysfunction that is the Bears is beyond comical.  The trade to get Cutler was ridiculous from the start.  This is a guy who has never had a season with a QB rating of 90 (a pretty average mark).

They gave up multiple first round picks, a third rounder I believe and a serviceable QB in Orton to get him.   Here we are 6 years and a massive contract extension later, and the Bears are up shittake-creek without a competent QB or plan to move forward.  Report I saw today that if they tried to trade Cutler he would only fetch a 7th round pick.  That's the last round of the draft, people offer up 7th round picks in trades just so they don't have to wait out trying to get a cut player on waivers.

Ha, when looking up the specific picks given up in the trade I came across this article, not even from a year ago.  Nice take there Jon Greenberg:

And Greenberg ripped Cutler a new one today... funny how his story changes.

Great read on the Bears' missteps in hiring Trestman:


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