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The Ron Burgundy Policy


It is to be expected that the next 24 hours or so will be pretty intensive around these parts, and in an effort to be proactive, the Ron Burgundy policy is going to be put in place. So what is the Ron Burgundy policy? It is quite simple. "Stay Classy"

I understand that if DePaul lands the desired commitment from Mike Shaw, there will be desire by some to make some comments towards other fanbases. While this is fine, it is the message itself that should fall under this policy. On the flip side, if DePaul does not land the commitment, the policy stays in place.

So what is acceptable or what is not? It really depends, but some examples are as follows;

* Personal attacks/comments that convey ill-will on a recruit or a Blue Demons Nation member
* Vile-filled remarks on a fanbaseThere are of course additional comments that would lack class, so self-monitor yourself. If it is felt the comment lacks class, a banning may be in order, rights may be restricted, a public humilation may be in order or who knows what else. If you fall victim to a banning and your argument is "oh I did not see the policy" you are SOL.

This policy is going to be in place for an undetermined amount of time.

This policy is still in place. With the recent activity on this site (lurkers coming out of the woodwork, new posters...), want to ensure / ask for decent behavior. This site has tried to pride itself as being an open forum with conversation and debate. However, banning / time-outs can occur if the behavior gets out of line.


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