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Title: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: Big Kid on January 15, 2016, 05:07:40 PM
For the record I am a grad of DePaul with a degree in Finance '93. My history has been analytics. I currently work in Risk Management/ Risk Transference for a company called Allianz. We are the largest insurer in the world. My day to day consists of looking at numbers. I like it but don't want it to be my job when I'm here talking about DPU hoops.

My overall perception of Leitao is this: gets a d+ at Notheastern, gets a B his time at DePaul and C- at UVA. Basically to me he is a consistent C coach who we hired. C is not going to cut it in the Big East, I'm sorry. I probably would've given Purnell a slightly higher mark from pure analytics. His recruiting is okay his game decisions were okay but I question some of them today because they're not his team. End of the day this is not the cat that will lead us to any promised land that we seek.

What we got was a bill of goods sold to us by the administration as being better than who they were.

I am not going to bore people with numbers but what we have is exactly what the administration wanted. A yes men on the cheap.
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: Munch123 on January 16, 2016, 06:14:46 AM
give us the numbers
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: thewait on January 16, 2016, 07:43:28 AM
give us the numbers

As someone who actually works in analytics (in the sports industry, in fact), show us your reasoning for this and like Munch said, give us the numbers.

I don't disagree with the conclusion, but you are masking anecdotal thought with analysis performed. 

The same thoughts have been expressed many times over, but I guess us fans have run out of options? Nothing changes in this department. Like many of you - I've emailed multiple times, expressed my dissatisfaction, all together stopped attending games, etc. Somethings just never change.
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: lake county fan on January 16, 2016, 07:48:32 PM
DePaul right now is trying to market the prime seating in the new stadium as bad as this year and the near future looks I cant believe they will be successful unless DL can turn things around 
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: DPU70 on January 17, 2016, 05:18:26 PM
You don't need to be a financial analyst nor rocket scientist to recognize the growth in DePaul, as a University, is synonomous with the National recognition DePaul got as a Basketball power in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

As a two time grad, I fail to see the logic in retaining underperforming personnel, as JLP.  It is mind boggling to think, any major University can accept this level of mediocrity and
 incompetence in employees.  She would be fired in every corporate structure and most other Universities.  But, not at DePaul.

We are the largest Catholic Institution, with the worst management.  It goes with our standards as a University, which has significantly dropped in recognition.  So, has the Athletics program.

I blame JLP for Athletics, and Fr H and the Board of Trustees for the University's failings.  They won't get another dime of mine.

Yours truly,
Happily retired, and very disgruntled alumni.

PS:  Please, relocate to the City so I won't have to travel 55 miles to see another game in person.  Former 4-seat season ticket holder.
Give seats away to City kids to fill the stands.  It's the Vincentian way.  I have become anti-vincentian.
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: Big Kid on January 17, 2016, 07:40:10 PM
DPU 70, you basically summed up,what I was leading to. I know people want numbers, so I'll give you my cliff note version on Leitao:

Northeastern, Calhoun helped him get the job at his alma mater. He went slightly under .500 his first year to 4-24 his second. Now maybe he realized he was in over his head as a HC or he decided this job will kill me for future coaching endeavors. We won't know. Either way I give him credit for having career foresight but at the end of the day he left them worst off then when he got them.

DePaul, he inherited a talent latent team, Greer, Diener, Holland, Hoskins and Andre Brown. He took it to an NIT bid and we were happy. He loses Hoskins and brings in Mejia. Nice pick up and wins a game, an ugly game, in the NCAAs. Next year, loses Brown and Holland but with an NCAA possible team team, gets us back to the NIT AND BOLTS. Recruitment was good but in game coaching was left into question. I hope we ar wall familiar with is time here so I won't go much further for the sake of everyone's time.

UVA, Takes a Gillen team of Singletary and R.J. Reynolds and takes them to the postseason. The next year gets to the NCAA TOURNEY, beats Albany and losses to Tennessee in the Round of 32. Still has Singletary who is is one of UVA's top players of all time and goes to the CBI. All the while recruiting his players. The next year with a 4* in Micheal Scott and a mcD / Parade AA in Landesburg, plus 3* rated players Farrakhan and Zieglinski goes 10-18 and steps down before he was fired. During this time UVA opened the state of the art John Paul Jones Center. His tenure at UVA was filled with disppaointment after a tourney bid and was the only stop where he enjoyed a full recruiting class. He was able to get one 5*, a 4* and a host of 3*s  and did not get it done. This was with a new facility and playing int ACC. Now Tomy Bennett who I think is FAR better than Leitao only went .500 the 2 years he inherited Leitao's team. At the end of the day recruited mediocre for the conference and ultmately failed in results.

At his 2  major stops he was able to capitalize on other peoples talent but never developed his own. He opened a new stadium and failed as a coach. That is my position.

Personally I always defended Leitao for what he did for us. He left, that wa his choosing. I don't or cannot blame for what he did. I hope he does great here but to me was a bad hire from the onset. Either we needed someone that could take 3* s and make them a team ala McDermott or someone younger and more exciting like Hurley or Drew and our administration failed us. That is my point. Again, I hope he proves me wrong. At his other stops, including U.S., he had recent success and solid rosters to recruit from. Here and now he has a fledgling program that has no backbone for him to lean on. Can he do it? I don't know but my money is against it. Now Gage seems like a steal and hopefully if he continues to keep pace and transcend that to BE play, we have something to build on.

I have nothing against Leitao nor do I blam him for taking the job. My point is he was good for us at a time but not the right guy this time around but the Adminstration thought different. Again, being a DePaul fan and Alumnus, I hope they're right but their decisions previous lead me to believe there needs to be a change in the entire administration, a wholesale change at that.

Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: GoDepaul on January 21, 2016, 07:10:25 PM
DePaul basketball is in almost an impossible position. We have been out of the spotlight for so long that an entire generation has no clue who the Blue Demons are. We have no chance of getting a good coach because why would he come here. It's a mess. Having said that you are always a Mark Aquirre away from being a top 25 team again. The problem is the Chicago kids go visit Duke, Kansas or Kentucky and the facilities are even better than the NBA. It's almost impossible to recover from this. JLP should have been fired after she hired Jerry Wainwright. Nothing will ever change until she is turfed. Why is there no pressure to do this?
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: Big Kid on January 21, 2016, 10:39:02 PM
GoDePaul, your guess is as good as mine. Overall, we will never know what preempted Hurley and Drew to look elsewhere or stay in their current situation. From what I remember Hurley came to Chicago on Friday and left and Drew was supposedly set to interview that Sunday. By Sunday late AM / early PM Leitao was being announced as our newest coach. Mind boggling. Our Administration failed to capitalize on ANOTHER opportunity to make this program better again.
Title: Re: Dave Leitao Analysis
Post by: DPU70 on January 26, 2016, 08:33:35 AM
BIG KID, I still recall an employment interview I had as the controller for a company.  It was with the President, a Wake forest grad.

He looked at my resume and said, "Oh, you are from DePaul, that Basketball University."  That was the early 80's.  I was a proud alum then.

Almost embarrassed now.
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