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No incompletes or such. Take a stand, vote for a grade.

I say a B...we have always wanted a recruiter or a Xs and Os type...
Hard to find both attributes in one guy...especially one willing to come to DePaul....seems like Peevy weighs recruiting heavily...Im cool with that...
That said...Lets go!!!

Big Kid:
I gave it a straight C. Top Assistant at a P5 school who has some recruiting chops but no HC experience at 51.

I gave it a C.  I'll freely admit that I don't know what TS brings to the table and all his accolades as a great recruiter and X & O's guy may be 100% accurate.

However, my grade is based on the fact that I don't trust that DePaul is capable of finding a diamond in the rough and making a great hire of a lifetime assistant that appears has never really been a head coaching candidate any time previously.

Would love to be proven wrong.

At this time, I am giving it a D. Not that I don't feel that it is a decent hire. My grade is based solely on what has transpired since the hire. Which is nothing. Given the defections, I would have expected some staff announced so that I know that TS is trying to put a team together.  So far nothing but silence. I hope they are more organized behind the scenes.


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