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New Head Coach Candidates

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I really think DPU is not going to invest much more than they did with DL.  Covid doesn't help.  Frankly if they were all in with a budget I am sure DL would have been canned last year with Peevy being hired earlier and given the directive to hire the new Head Coach.

They are "Amortizing" DL's contract...its the DePaul Way!


1.  Porter Moser
2.  Briand Wardle
3.  Kenny Payne
4.  Dennis Gates
5.  Rashon Burno
6.  Tim Anderson (although if Peevy liked Anderson he could have him as HC immediately and sack DL).

Think decent guys and small ball budget.  Its not going to be a Pitino or Howland or Dixon or Marshall LOL....

Oh come on, let depaul fans dream big, they have nothing else going for them.  There will be plenty of disappointment in the future, whether it be actual coaching hire or just the usual performance of the team.

Well when fans mention Pitino - I laugh.  You really can't be taken seriously when you say Rick Pitino is a legit target for DPU.

More likely Dennis Gates or that type of candidate than the first 3. He has turned around Cleveland State quickly.

Would you like Rashon, VU?

Btw,  is it easy also rooting for Nova?  I am a DPU and ND football fan in Florida... I should just re adjust my fandom to Duke BBall and Bama Football... much easier -  if I could only do it!


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