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Welcome to the big leagues DePaul athletics


It would seem like DePaul finally joined the ranks in seeing the benefits of a good basketball program in the Big East conference. Before people starting going crazy over Peevy (remember, some / many who praising Esteban as a man of action), perhaps a wait and see approach is better.

Hayes-Healy Superstar:
I promise not to make any ‘Man of action’ proclamations like I did before.... but... BUT....

He wants to win a NC.  I think the first order of business is probably shuffling a few assistant coaches.  One of which should be a no brainer. I think DP will give DL the benefit of the doubt THIS year.  And lets face it, we have zero clue what even this year is going to hold. So in all honestly, probably makes sense to put off a HC move until the vaccine is released in December and we get back to normal in 21-22

But GOD DARNIT.... this feels amazing having a guy in charge that has been to the mountain top with a top HC and knows damm well what that looks like.  On paper, the best basketball hire DePaul has made since Ray Meyer


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