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Simple Question - March 14 Edition

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I have a tough time reconciling the results of this poll with the results of “will next year’s team be better?”

If the majority of people think a freshmen-laden team will be better next year, curious as to why a large majority wants DL gone.  Presumably, then, DL would continue to improve this freshmen corps over their time at DePaul. 

If people think next years young team will improve on what most consider a small improvement this year, I would have thought more people would be open to keeping DL around. 

What I suspect is the case is that people WANT to believe freshmen can improve the team, but I personally have a tough time thinking we are going to hit .500 again next year.

If only other teams have not been doing as good if not better in recruiting over the past few years. The idea that one good class is going to cause DePaul to leap frog programs with more seasoned talent that was similar ranked as it relates to recruiting.


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