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Simple Question - March 14 Edition

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And why is this your position?

I asked this question before, and staggered the first poll to end the day the Big East tournament started and posted this new poll the first day after DePaul's season was over.

lake county fan:
His teams do not get any better during the season. He just does not coach them up

I said no.... it's year 4 and outside of 1 tiny glimpse of hope for NIT a few weeks ago there has been no chance for post season in 4 years.

It's actually embarrassing watching Depaul with the new blueprint on Gage and Lyrik.   

Time to move on.

Hayes-Healy Superstar:
No.  You should have a winning record after FOUR years.  And .500 isn't a winning record.

His lack of adjustments is atrociously obvious.


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