Which rival is the most important?

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Which rival is the most important?

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Since 2014, we—the students and professors of the Know Rivalry Project—have been answering this question for professional sports with the help of message board members. Now we are expanding our research to the Big East. Please help us ensure that Blue Demons are included by taking 9 minutes to complete our updated survey:

https://umassamherst.co1.qualtrics.com/ ... src=SPB307

Our previous results have been featured in numerous sports media outlets, as well as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. You can view those results, links to media coverage, and learn more about us at our KnowRivalry.com website.

We use the Qualtrics online survey software for data collection. This academic research has been approved by two universities' Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and it poses no risks to respondents. You'll find more information on the disclosure agreement that is required to start the survey. Thank you for helping us to include DePaul by participating and please share this with any other fans that may also help.

Noah, Student Researcher, Northern Kentucky University
Dr. Joe Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University
Dr. David Tyler, University of Massachusetts—Amherst
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