#DePaul Day

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#DePaul Day

Post by VUWildcat2103 »

Love that Louisville took the L. I dislike that program as much as I dislike any other program in college basketball. Early returns say Stubblefield was the right guy for this program.

31.1% Shooting for Louisville. THIRTY ONE POINT ONE.

Was not a pretty game, and there are a lot of things that the Blue Demons need to do better. However, a win is always nice.
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Louisville Post Game

Post by Demon2002-DPU70 »

Outstanding victory - in what sounded like a clunker of a game but this team gutted it out. Tonight was clearly Jones willing the victory and I’ve said this from
The first time I saw him Come in to play last year (was it in the road against Seton Hall maybe?) that he is super talented but this year he’s benefitting from Player development and confidence. And Nick Ongenda was a stud tonight.

Ok less the praise, what’s with chucking three pointers when there cold as ice in a close game. Just go get a bucket!!! Run a little offense. I was losing my mind listening to this down the stretch when we were chucking bad threes in a game that was so close - just go win and I got a little frustrated Stubbs didn’t tell them to just focus on making buckets and lay off the 3’s. Then again none of us could hear it but I assumed he wasn’t telling thank this as they kept chucking.

Regardless. Tough gut it out victory. I bet we hop 15-20 spots in Ken Pom on this W.
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Re: #DePaul Day

Post by Lake County Fan »

Big win did not sound like it was very well played but need to win these games on the road
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Re: #DePaul Day

Post by Mac23 »

This game wasn’t pretty but we aren’t exactly the 1979 Demons. It kind of reminds me of the Lou Holtz quote “don’t tell me how rocky the sea is, just bring the darn ship in.” Find a way to win….and somehow we did. No one will remember anything about this game except DePaul won and Jones established himself as a legit superstar.

BTW I agree it was ugly offensively. You take Jones out of the mix and it’s really really ugly. JFL fell short again (2 for 15), FREE THROW shooting continues to be an issue (53%), Ongenda was 4/10 as our low post big man, etc. I will credit Louisville defense and quickly turn the page, and take the road win!!
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