Has this year sucked?

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Has this year sucked?

Post by VUWildcat2103 »

Yes it has thus far.

Does it feel amazing that DePaul has beat those aholes from Louisville yet again? ABSOLUTELY. There is not a fanbase I hate more than the Cardinal fans. Kenny Payne is so utterly bad of a coach that I love it.
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Re: Has this year sucked?

Post by dive55 »

While I can't disagree with anything you stated (we suck...feels good to beat Ville regardless....Kenny Payne isn't a good coach), issue is it will soon be quickly forgotten. Though, always good to have a bit of schadenfreude to revel in related to a hated opponent.

Outside of it surely being a fleeting positive for this season, my other takeaway thought was....is it better that we ultimately didn't get Kenny Payne as our coach....or is it more ominous that our AD wanted to hire him and will be in charge of the next coaching hire?
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