Still No Center ???

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Still No Center ???

Post by DePressed »

How is this season going to even happen ? You're playing UCONN , Villanova, Creighton, Providence, etc and this Team still has no Center ? Is this some sort of Joke, going against some of the best schools in the country that have at least 3 players at that position , and your tallest player is 6 ft 7 in Deshaun Nelson. This might be one of the worse teams DePaul has put on the court in years. At least last season you had Yor Anei and Nick Ogenda to play the position. This season has already ended before it even started.
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Re: Still No Center ???

Post by VUWildcat2103 »

Churchill Abass is 6'8. If they can find a 5th year guy, with one year of eligibility left... take a shot. Otherwise, do not waste it.
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