Level of Support for DePaul

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Level of Support for DePaul

a. I have either donated to DePaul, Athletics or attended a Home Game in the last 5 years.
b. last 6-10
c. Over 10 years
d. Never
Total votes: 10

Big Kid
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Level of Support for DePaul

Post by Big Kid »

Gauging the board’s commitment or lack of for DePaul basketball or the university as a whole to a lesser degree.

Me personally, got season tickets the first year at Wintrust (hard to believe they just played their 6th season there). After they lost out on Campbell and a few others I non-renewed. Haven’t been to a game since. Prior to that year the last home game I attended was Wainwright’s 3rd year when they lost to NC A&T.

I think I gave donations for a couple years during Kennedy’s tenure. No donations since then.
Lake County Fan
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Re: Level of Support for DePaul

Post by Lake County Fan »

I have season tickets every year since the move but it gets harder every year
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